Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two Afternoons at C. Bickham Dickson Park - Part Two: Close Encounters of the Armadillo Kind!

My second afternoon at C. Bickham Dickson Park had a much less specific mission than my first day. On this day, my goal was to get some fresh air while giving my dog Hart a chance to run and have some fun. The temperature was unseasonably cool for North Louisiana this time of year. It was barely 80 degrees in the middle of the afternoon, which made it a great day to be out and about. 

On my way into the undeveloped part of the park, a guy playing Frisbee golf ominously warned me to watch for copperhead snakes because he had “seen a few.” Thinking back to a near-disaster  copperhead encounter Donna and I had about a month before (which I will write about later) I immediately went on high alert, but I didn’t want it to ruin my walk.

Avoiding overgrown areas, Hart and I made our way along the wide trail to a part of the park where it opens into a wide field. I heard movement in some brush and when investigated I discovered not one but four young armadillos! Luckily, I acted quickly enough to get a great video of them. The funniest part is at the end of the video when Hart tried to get involved but didn't quite know what to think of what he found. 

*Please note at one point in the video I accidentally said that armadillos couldn't hear well when I entirely meant to say they can’t see well! *

I took some good pictures through out the afternoon so I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

 There's a lizard in here that scared me half to death! This was in a boat in the middle of a field. 

Watch for alligators! This is a small lake in the park.

Me and Hart enjoying an afternoon snack. Notice Hart is licking his chops. 

A nice shady spot. We stayed here for half an hour before Hart decided it was time to leave.

Cool little turtle I found.  He wasn't being sociable. I'm not sure what kind of turtle this is because in Louisiana alone there are thirty different species of turtles! 

This is where I found him. Easy to miss! 

Luckily, we didn’t see any snakes (this time.) But we spent about two hours at the park and had a great time!  On to the next adventure! 

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